Top 5 Tips For Choosing Fencing


  1. Search for a contractor who specializes in the type of work you want done.  You wouldn’t hire a plumber to do roofing, and you wouldn’t hire a landscaper to do masonry work, so why would you hire anybody other than a qualified fence contractor to install your fence??
  2. Research licenses, insurance, and certifications.  Make sure your contractor is a legitimate business, and is not a “fly-by-night” company.  Your fence contractor should always be able to produce the documentation regarding their business.  Insurance is a must, and protects both you and the contractor.
  3. Examine all written agreements.  A qualified contractor will always back-up their words in writing.  A customer should always receive a detailed, written Estimate or Proposal for work to be performed.  Any changes should be agreed-upon in writing, and should be followed-up with any applicable invoices and warranty information.
  4. Look for references.  The best way to find a qualified contractor is to ask someone you know for a referral.  Seek out a contractor with a good reputation.
  5. Expect professionalism.  From the very first phone call, to the final details of an installation, a contractor should always represent him/herself and their company in a professional manner.