• “It’s well known that we’re very demanding to work for, and they’ve never let us down. Their field crew was really professional, and very respectful to our employees. They brought really useful knowledge of their trade in solving problems that arose, like multiple contours on the property to contend with. We needed to consistently have a maximum of six inches under the enclosure, but the ground was not even. They kept the fence looking nice and fluid, all in a smooth arc. We had challenging parking lot issues, tight radiuses we had to deal with – and they took care of everything and made it look nice. We’ve dealt with them on multiple smaller projects, too, like power gates over entrances. Eagle Fence always does a great job. ”
    Facilities Operations Manager, Project: Perimeter fence around a large corporate campus, 60 acres
  • “They are accurate when they come to the job, always really thorough. When I need emergency coverage they’re there, sometimes even within half an hour. Their pricing is very reasonable, very professional in dealing with customers. These days, when everyone expects to get voicemail, it’s nice to hear them pick up the phone! All of their employees are always so pleasant. If you need a fence, they’re the company to call. I think they’re really a model for other vendors.”
    Miguel Ortiz, Facility Supervisor - NORTHEAST UTILITIES
  • “My wife and I both love the fence! Thank you Bobby and the installers for a very professional job – well done.”
    Mike Skidgell
  • “Thanks for a great job.”
    Tech Air, Inc., Danbury
  • “Your workers were wonderful – no messy cleanup, nails, or cigarette butts. They were very professional. You can use my reference anytime. It was a job well done.”
    Charlie Williams, Southington